Contact, Booking, & Screening Options, Deposits and Cancelations, and Etiquette

I enjoy sessions with clients from a wide range of experience levels. Be it with a well-seasoned kink player or a first time explorer, I relish playing out fantasies and exploring new territory. Regardless of your background in kink, your questions and inquiries are welcome.

Note that all first time session requests must be filled out using the encrypted form here.

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When booking, know that I have limited availability and sessions scheduled in advance are preferred. I require at least 24-hour notice for weekday sessions and 48-hour notice for evening and weekend sessions. First-time clients should allot time for past providers to respond with references. I do not take same day appointments.
First choice for appointment date and time

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Note that for sessions in cities other than Albany, NY, the donation is increased by $100/hr to compensate for travel costs. For more information, see rates.

I require either a Provider Reference or two of the following three options:
Employment Verification, In-Person Consultation, or Personal Reference.
For a provider reference, send me a link to either a website or ad of at least one provider with whom you have had sessions and who will provide a positive reference regarding your conduct and reliability. For best results, include the contact information of more than one provider as well as some basic information regarding your last sessions with them that will allow them to easily recall your past interactions when I contact them. Before contacting your past providers, I will need you to send them a quick note to both inform them that I will be in touch and jog their memories, allowing them to easily verify that they have seen you when I make contact.
If you are not able to supply me with a proper provider reference, you may use a work reference. I will need your full name, company name, position, and company email address or phone number. I will either call or send a discrete business-related email to your work address and will need to either speak with you on the phone or receive an emailed response in order to confirm the appointment. If pertinent, I will need you to provide me with a work-related excuse for contact. At minimum, this form of reference will take the form of a half hour meeting in a public space. An additional fee will apply. $100/.5 hrs, $175/hr On the rare occasion that the former three methods of reference are not feasible, a personal reference is possible. To do so, you must send me the following: a photo of your face, a photo or scan of two pieces of mail clearly indicating your name and address, and a photo or scanned copy of your driver’s license and or other government-issued form of identification. Once I have met you and am assured of your identity, I will delete all of our correspondence on the topic.

Provide one or more of the following: provider references (preferred), employment verification, personal reference, in-person consultation.

Note: I always check references.

All first-time clients are expected to provide a $50 deposit in order to hold their place in my busy schedule and allow me to ensure the seriousness of the inquiry. This deposit is refundable as long as the cancelation occurs 48 hours in advance. The deposit will be deducted from the cost of your first session with me.

For longer sessions and sessions for which I must travel, the deposit will be higher.

Bear in mind that I run a non-profit and travel often. As such, my inbox is inundated with important emails. At times, I may take a few days to respond to your message.


I connect well with respectful, attentive, and communicative individuals who are eager to please.

My expectation is that clients arrive to sessions clean and prepared for play. If our session includes shaving, showering, or enema play, we will discuss any deviation from the above expectations in our email correspondence prior to our session.

If showering prior to our session is not an option, notify me in advance so that I can arrange for you to shower in the space immediately before play. Towels as well as toiletries will be provided.

I expect the donation to be paid in full by means of large bills directly after our pre-session consultation, before play begins.