Contact, Booking, & Screening Options, Deposits and Cancelations, and Etiquette

I enjoy sessions with clients from a wide range of experience levels. Be it with a well-seasoned kink player or a first time explorer, I relish playing out fantasies and exploring new territory. Regardless of your background in kink, your questions and inquiries are welcome.

Note that all first time session requests must be filled out using the encrypted form here.

Contact Form

The contact form will remain disabled for the duration of my hiatus.


I connect well with respectful, attentive, and communicative individuals who are eager to please.

My expectation is that clients arrive to sessions clean and prepared for play. If our session includes shaving, showering, or enema play, we will discuss any deviation from the above expectations in our email correspondence prior to our session.

If showering prior to our session is not an option, notify me in advance so that I can arrange for you to shower in the space immediately before play. Towels as well as toiletries will be provided.

I expect the donation to be paid in full by means of large bills directly after our pre-session consultation, before play begins.