Sessions & Where I Play


Though each session type does come with its own unique set of parameters, my emphasis on clear, open communication throughout bears mentioning here:

I pride myself in creating a healthy environment in which consensual play creates the solid basis for new heights of pleasure and pain. Prior to each session, I carry out a consultation to ensure that we are on the same page regarding hard limits, areas of interest, and favorite forms of play. Your limits articulated there will be respected throughout our session, and you will be given safe words to both finely tune our in-session communication and to ensure that we are engaged, present, and enjoying ourselves.

One-On-One Sessions

Be it by the sting of my hand, the threat of my fingernails grazing your exposed flesh, or the torture of my slender yet voluptuous body just out of reach, with me you will feel alive. I thrive in the one-on-one setting, variously playing with your sensations just as I do your mind, rendering you helpless and servile under my masterful presence and expert touch, and creating worlds and new paradigms for us to inhabit where roles can be slipped on and off as easily as a lacy brassiere and fantasy is explored to its wildest conclusions.

While in and around Albany, NY, my rate is $300/hr. While traveling, my rate raises to $350/hr to cover associated costs.

Double Sessions with Other Mistresses

I play often with a plethora of individuals around the United States and Germany, some of whom enjoy joining me in sessions to taunt, torture, and thoroughly overwhelm my clients. They are all professional players with skills that can be thoroughly devastating in their own right. In tandem with your Mistress, our sessions will leave you quaking and gasping for more. The pleasure I have in playing with you one-on-one is amplified with the addition of another player… I can’t imagine you feel differently.


  • Mistress Couple is a highly esteemed and sought after dominatrix, educator, kink author, and bondage enthusiast. Her intelligence, beauty, skill, and devilish intent are quite alluring, and the prospect of playing with her is sure to please your mistress. You will find us well-matched and the results devastating.

  • Mistress Wild Iris is an uninhibited, sadistic, stunning Amazon. Together, we tower over you, mocking, laughing, and dealing out our perfectly placed blows. Our chemistry is undeniable, our striking figures well matched, and, what is more, we revel in exploring all sorts of kinky pleasures from the sensual to the downright sordid. We love playing together and, regardless of the morals we are turning on end, we will be feeding off each other’s arousal, guileful fancies, and unending mirth.

  • Mistress Lana, or Herin Lana as I call her, is a fiery German mistress that I have been playing with from the very start of my domming career. Upon meeting her, I was immediately drawn in by her obvious charm, commandeering presence, and, of course, luxurious curves. We quite enjoy playing together in a number of different configurations and, while we have already tried out quite a few, the experiences have barely whetted our palates and have inspired all sorts of devious new plots. The obvious pleasure we take in each other’s presence is only matched by the zeal in humiliating, torturing, and playing with our toys.

  • Mistress Vera and I make a delightful pair wherever we go, but in the dungeon the two of us are unstoppable. If her ferocity of spirit, razor-sharp wit, seductive smile, and sultry voice were too much for me to resist when first we met, imagine what she could do to you! Though we are quite adept at bringing about pain and intensity, it is in the form of sensual domination that we have found special affinity. We finish each other’s sentences and feed off each other’s devilishly kinky minds.

To schedule a double session, inquire in advance as rates and availability may vary.



The possibilities are delightfully endless; whatever the configuration, cuckolding sessions are something I relish. What better form of tease and denial than to tease you with the object of your desire while denying you everything?

I have a bull with whom I work closely as well as enchanting Mistresses in numerous cities around the US as well as in Germany. Note: My bull is not at present disposed to taking in person sessions. We will tease you from afar with cuckolding email domination, however.

To schedule a cuckolding session, inquire in advance as rates and availability may vary.

$500-$600/hr with reduced rates for sessions three or more hours in length.

Cuckolding gallery

Couples Sessions

I particularly enjoy sessions with couples. Perhaps a submissive has been acting up recently and needs to be put in his place by two powerful women, or maybe one of you wants a little special guidance as you try out the role of the dominant for the first time… The possibilities are myriad. Whatever my role – teacher, mentor, conspirator, or active participant wading into the fray and taking part in the fun – it brings me great pleasure to make fantasies come alive. I especially enjoy passing on my tricks and techniques to someone who is trying on the role of dominant for the first time and then watching them use their new tools with increasing skill and fervor on their partner in dynamic play.

I find special gratification in in-depth discussions of sexuality and BDSM in the complex and changing intimate setting of the couple. Discussing backgrounds, baggages, and areas of special interest can be fundamental to cultivating new and burnishing seasoned kink within the unique bonds between individuals. Throughout couples sessions especially, I see communication as critical to make sure that everyone is at ease and learning is happening at a good pace.


Outings with Your Mistress

A true voluptuary, I delight in fine dining; well crafted and interesting beer, wine, and cocktails as well as shopping adventures to high-end boutiques, designer lingerie shops, and sex toy stores. Pampering your Mistress can be a lovely way to start off an evening that ends in the dungeon.

$150/hr as well as all outing expenses paid.

Phone & Cam

When my busy schedule allows, I enjoy Skype and phone conversations with clients that are separated from me by distance or in preparation for upcoming sessions. I also enjoy camming sessions where I tease and torment you with my long toes and high arches, humiliate you verbally… there are so many options.

$125/ .5 hrs, $225/hr

E-mail Domination, Training, and Subjugation

For those of you who do not have a pleasure to serve me on a regular basis in Albany, NY, email domination and training of all kinds is a lovely way for our play to develop and deepen and for my control to know no bounds. Being sensual and caring or demanding and sadistic, or perhaps rendering you the complete cuckold… the possibilities are titillating but the reality is profoundly erotic.

A Taste of Domination

This is where you begin to fall under my spell. You tell me your desires, your secrets, the dark and barely articulated thoughts that you can tell no one else. I become your confidant, your direction. I mold you and pervert you.

Two to three emails a week including selfies, unreleased modeling pictures, slave training, sissification, cuckolding, and other fun.


Getting In Deeper

You want more. And why not? You long to divulge your daily urges, frustrations, and confessions. The undeniable exhilaration of a single session notwithstanding, you want the slow-burning tension of weeks of connection brought by sharing fantasies and handing over the reins. You will wander, day by day, deeper into my uninhibited life where we explore and you become my perfect plaything.

Four to six emails a week with exclusive selfies, unreleased modeling pictures, slave training, key holding, sissification, cuckolding, and other fun.


Total Control

This is the full experience, involving daily attention from your Mistress. You will feel the very color of your life change, the quotidian suddenly falling away as you are given purpose in your daily tasks and goals, which become charged with a sexual pulse and the impetus of your Lady’s guiding hand. Let the everyday become the erotic.

Over seven e-mails per week, exclusive selfies and modeling shots, and a variety of different play options: key-holding, orgasm control, health domination, sissification, rewards for good conduct (including personalized selfies), in-depth slave training, public humiliation, financial domination, blackmail, etc.


The Daily Cuckold

A decidedly different experience, The Daily Cuckold entails the receipt of daily selfie and/or modeling photos of your mistress' sexual exploits. You will be reminded each day of what you will never have, what you never could have, and what you truly are: a cuckold. Each photograph depicts your mistress getting fulfilled and is accompanied by a detailed narrative that will leave you tormented with visions.

Seven emails per week containing detailed descriptions, candid selfies, and stunning professional photographs—all of which make clear that you are a cuckold, and that I know what I want and get it.


Where I Play

  • Outcalls: I am available for sessions at your private residence or hotel in or just outside Albany, NY. If I will need to travel extensively to reach our play-space, note that there will be additional fees associated.
  • Travel Sessions: I travel often to New York City, NY; Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany; San Fransisco, CA; and Portland, OR; and if you manage to cross paths with me in a city far from my home, I do not charge additional rates. If you wish to fly me to you for play, direct inquiries are best as my rates will vary.
  • Incalls while traveling: While traveling, I often take sessions at the upscale hotels I inhabit during my stay. Inquire within for more information.
  • Dungeons: If you would rather play in a dungeon, know that there are a number of play-spaces that I frequent around the United States. In Oakland, CA, we have the opportunity to play at the well-equipped Blackthorn for an additional contribution of $60/hr; in San Francisco, La Maison de la Maitresse is a quite opulent setting and a favorite of mine for any BDSM exploration for an additional $80/hr; and in New York City, there are a number of settings quite suitable for your mistress at fees ranging from $60-$80/hr. Include your location preference in your booking request so that I can plan accordingly.