Gifts for Your Mistress

While never anticipated, gifts of all kinds, small and large, never cease to please me. I adore surprise as well as the feeling of being indulged with gift certificates and pampered with time in the salon. I cherish your every gift not only in and of itself, but for the attentiveness and admiration it represents and for the naughty smile it brings to my lips when it reminds me of our time together.

I quite enjoy both kinky and vanilla gifts. While I quite enjoy presents that I can use in my everyday life that encourage my predilections for crafting, hiking, and good food and drink, by no means assume that my everyday life does not include a good dash of the devious. I revel in the feel of fine Agent Provocateur lace against my skin under my professional businesswoman’s attire, many of my kitchen utensils are pervertables, and most of my arsenal of vibrators and dildos are for my private use.

Should you wish to show tribute, know that the following delight me: fine lacy lingerie in size small bottoms, size small garters, 32DDD tops (or interchangeably 32E and 34DD in Agent Provocateur); hosiery in size M or 3; sexy size 10 shoes; fragrant organic cheese; very dark chocolate (no less than 70% cocoa content, in the 80% range is generally ideal); brandy; dry red wine; heavily hopped IPAs; and high quality olive oil and vinegar.

I frequently update my wishlist to best represent all my wishes and fancies.

Gift cards from any of these shops will bring me great joy. If it is your first time seeing me, gift cards from any of the below shops may also serve as a manner of deposit in preparation for our first session.