Meet the Mistress

I am a consummate hedonist and an effortless conjurer of desire. I relish the opportunity to explore the rich possibilities offered by the engagement of passionate spirits: the interplay of pleasures and pains we can offer each other. When sensation is thoroughly explored and passion is cultivated to a fevered pitch, it is then that we are fully alive. Every moment is pregnant with possibilities for delectable feelings: exhilaration, subjugation, torment, triumph, humiliation, dominion… why would you let so many slip away when we can seize them and make them into timeless experiences, eternities of pleasure and pain?

You will find my figure—tall and statuesque, slender yet curvaceous, with luxuriously long, powerful legs; exquisite, high-arched feet; and large, shapely breasts—intoxicating you as my striking eyes and full lips assume an anticipatory smile. And you’ve yet to even feel my touch, as skilled and experienced in eliciting pain as it is fervent adoration.

I may assume the aspect of a succubus tormentor, feeding on artful permutations of your pain and humiliation. Perhaps I’ll let you kiss and lick my long toes and high arches or worship my round, firm ass. These ephemeral, colorful moments will reverberate later as you walk through your day. With my flogger, I whip filigree patterns into your grateful and submissive flesh; my voice is your law.

Perhaps I may take on a persona. One day I am a powerful witch and you my sniveling furry familiar, and on another I am your unattainable therapist. I am ready to act out your dreams and to place you in mine. In every scene, I will be one step ahead of you, full of harsh banter and easy charm.

Regardless of the context, it is my wit to which you are drawn. The lashings of my tongue will set you to tremble faster than any whip or chain. The scorn of my raised eyebrow or a well placed quip can drop like anvils on your chest while my bubbling laughter can wash all cares away in moments of catharsis. You know that my every move is timed and calculated; each word holds mockery and playful purpose.

Come play with your Mistress Natasya. You will remember our time together.

General Information

  • Speaks fluent German, English (without accent), and Spanish
  • Lightly trimmed bush
  • No piercings or tattoos
  • Playing professionally since September of 2014—trained at The Gates—the premier house of BDSM and fantasy exploration in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • 5'9", 135 lbs
  • 32DDD/E 38-27-38.5
  • Corset size 22
  • Shoe size 10 heels, Size 9.5 flats

While outside of the dungeon, I run a non-profit I founded, do some freelance translation (German and Spanish), model, cook lavish organic meals, sing, garden extensively, hike, and cultivate a wide range of craft hobbies from leather-working to jewelry-making. My hedonism is quite apparent in my quotidian life as well: I thrive on exquisite healthy foods, fine liquors, the feel of expensive lace against my skin, and surround myself with articles of fine craftsmanship (cooking knives of the highest quality, high-end ceramic ware, etc). I hold two undergraduate degrees and find great pleasure in continuing to engage intellectually through reading history, philosophy, and literature in a variety of languages and engaging in spirited discussion with friends.

Kink Tastes

My kink tastes are diverse and ever-broadening through exploration and the workings of my wickedly inventive mind.

The list below is by no means an exhaustive list of my kinks and titillations, but rather a provocation: these are some of my favorite ingredients; let us choose an array from both my list and yours, and I am sure we will both enjoy the ensuing concoction.

-heart -star Double sessions with other Mistresses

Financial domination

Nipple torture

Pet training and furry play

Psychological domination and mind control

-heart Roleplay

-heart Taboos

-heart Tease and denial

I enjoy sessions with couples as well as other Mistresses.

* Additional charges apply. Inquire within.

Together, we can live out our fantasies and wildest dreams. Please do not hesitate to message me if you have questions regarding an upcoming session or a particular fantasy you wish to share with me.


These are boundaries that by no means can be crossed. Requesting something that is a hard limit of mine will be enough to stop a session so that we can review boundaries. Any further indiscretion will cause the session to be terminated without a refund of any kind.

My hard limits are that I do not allow clients any contact with my pubic region, I do not accept offers of oral worship, nor do I offer full service or any other services that constitute prostitution under New York State law.

As a Switch

I am naturally a dominant-leaning dynamic switch, and, with the right play partner, I find switching in session to add depth to power play, intrigue to roleplays, and a pleasurable dash of fluidity to an exchange.

As a submissive in switch sessions, I enjoy breast play, intricate bondage, light corporal punishment, interrogations, and obedience training. I am a headstrong and mischievous sub, but a firm, kind, master will find me expressive, loyal, playful, and fun-loving.

You will delight in my soft moans of pain and quick intakes of breath as you tease my sensitive toes and spank my firm, round ass. My devilish grin and caring gaze can bring a smile to the lips of even the sternest of masters. Caution: I have a good memory and a fantastic appetite for revenge once the tables turn…

I enjoy:


Double sessions with other Mistresses

Electrical play with the Violet Wand

Forced wetting

Hair pulling

Slave and slut training

For switch sessions with first-time clients, I begin in the dominant role and will allow switching if I sense an atmosphere of mutual respect, a high level of skill or upfront desire to learn skills from me or another Mistress present, and a tenor of the session in which switching seems appropriate… and what a lovely tenor it is!

Together, we can live out our fantasies and wildest dreams. Please do not hesitate to message me if you have questions regarding an upcoming session or a particular fantasy you wish to share with me.


These are boundaries that by no means can be crossed. Requesting something that is a hard limit of mine will be enough to stop a session so that we can review boundaries. Any further indiscretion will cause the session to be terminated without a refund of any kind. My general hard limits are that I do not allow clients any contact with my pubic region, I do not accept offers of oral worship, nor do I offer full service or any other services that constitute prostitution under New York State law. As a submissive, my hard limits include bruising, use of nipple clamps, receiving golden showers or scat play, piercing, toy shows including anal masturbation and penetration, and wax play.

Contact & Booking


Mistress Natasya left me feeling seen, heard and taken care. And delightfully tortured. After several sessions with this talented mistress, each with its own flavor and energy, I can only say that she is incredibly well rounded, skilled in many arts, and so incredibly beautiful to look at, touch, smell and take in, that I am left only wanting more each time.

It takes a special person to keep me present and in the moment. Not only does she do that for me, she makes me want to spend all my time and energy dedicated to her.

She is sensual, attentive, sensitive, strict, clear on boundaries, and entirely without judgement.

As jealous as I am of anyone else who gets to spend time with her, I must recommend to all a session with this gem.

Let me start by saying that I don’t think my words can capture how wonderful and transcendental the experiences I’ve had with Natasya have been for the past six years.

Just yesterday, I was reminded of how completely she connects with you; in a way that’s caring, exciting, exhilarating and real. She knows exactly what I need, where she wants to take you, and we go there together.

Just yesterday, I felt her firm hand on my bottom. She slowly removed my clothes. When she started the spanking, it was a deliberate and slow hand spanking, increasing in intensity.

Then she decided I needed the paddle. It is a stingy thin paddle, which she uses masterfully. One cheek then the next…. keeping a most delicious and intense sting. There was a well placed mirror where I could see her beautiful body, as she swung the paddle with purpose.

Because she knew I needed it… the hairbrush was next. She pushes me to take more pain; to let go into the spanks as she reads my body. In these moments, she takes us to a special space and place.

All I can say is thank you.


Dear Mistress Natasya,

The moment I got through the door, I was amazed by your figure, tall and perfect in every way, and you have the face of my dream girl! And I can’t stop thinking about your DDDs, they were inspired.

If you haven’t already figured it out, I fucking loved the session! You gave me exactly what I need, nice hard ball squeezing, and I really loved the ending, that was the best tease and denial I’ve ever had in my life! Very hard to think of it as an actual session, it’s more like a faded dream that I’ll be trying to remember for a very long time.

I’d really love to have another longer session with you ASAP, this time I’ll drink plenty of water before the session 😛

Please let me know about your schedule, as tomorrow night would be perfect for me.

Thank you so much for your time and effort,

Yours truly,


Ms. Natasya,

I will not do this often, but since we are just starting, I wanted to let you know that I loved the email. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to understand my admittedly twisted psyche and writing such a thoughtful and provocative message.

My roleplay persona may be a little more muted in his praise given his ambivalence with being controlled, but I just wanted to be sure you understood that I love the detail and rules you insist upon. It makes me feel that I am subject to any whim or random request, no matter how insignificant it my seem to me.

The intellectual caliber and quality of your website convinced me you have a keen grasp on the mental aspect of domination; our communications have more than borne out this conviction.

Thanks again!


You are not going to have a better dominatrix session anywhere or with anyone that will top a visit with Mistress Natasya. Her beauty in photos or even videos is one thing, but in person, her statuesque 5'9" body, with strong athletic legs, and a face that could adorn fashion pages as well as classic works of art, will have you catching your breath. Her demeanor is friendly, welcoming, alluring, but once the session begins, be prepared for a mistress who can be cruel, calculating, devastating.

We had a half fantasy, half real wrestling session. You would be a fool to underestimate this woman’s martial abilities based on the model-type body and face you see on-line. She is fast, strong, and has studied a number of martial arts disciplines. While not an expert in any, the combination of basic skills she does posses will have you playing defense more often than not. If wrestling is your thing, and you thought you’d never find a woman who is at once feminine, sexy, and an opponent you will need to exert 100% of your effort against just to keep up, you simply haven’t encountered Mistress Natasya yet.

She played the fantasy part beautifully, humiliating me not only with a series of throws to the floor, but with scathing taunts about losing to a woman that cut deep. It was delicious psychological warfare. In the real match, she had me sweating, trying to catch my breath, and her choke/leg-scissor and pressure point attacks were both shockingly effective and devastating.

Mistress Natasya is a gem. I can hardly wait to take her on again and gaze up into her rich chocolate eyes as she pins me down and smiles knowingly, confident and pleased that she has won both the mental and physical victory over her weary and humiliated, but grateful opponent.


Classy, seductive, and sensual, Mistress Natasya is a show-stopper. With Her long, slender figure and satin skin, She is the perfect goddess to worship. She has the most delicious breasts and perfectly firm derriere that will have you on Her knees. Her incredible body will have you enamored, but Her mind will have you captivated. She is so delightfully wicked and creative, Her sessions are seamless and flowing. Mistress Natasya is very skilled, versatile, and powerful. Her sexy and sinister imagination allows Her to improvise with ease and agility. Time shared with Her arouses your desire and leaves you dreaming for more. I love playing with Mistress Natasya, as our styles elegantly complement each other. Her passion to take the intensity further melts my heart and draws my fascination. Every breath taken in Her presence will inspire a new way to live.

-Mistress Vera

For more information about double sessions with Mistress Vera, see Doubles with Other Mistresses.

I first met Natasya at a BDSM dungeon house called The Gates. I’ve sessioned with her multiple times including an independent arrangement outside of the house as well. To give you a better perspective on the experience you can expect to receive, I will recount my first meeting with her.

I didn’t have high expectations in mind because I had a sub-par experience at my previous visit to The Gates a few years back, but decided to give it another change after perusing some of the ladies profiles online. One in particular caught my attention based on her gorgeous pictures and our aligned activities that we enjoyed exploring. All prior expectations were thrown out the window when I was greeted by the most stunning woman that I’ve ever laid eyes on. The black see-through lingerie that graced her tall, statuesque figure was almost too much to take in. Pictures cannot justify the striking beauty that she imposes on you. It’s mesmerizing. Her perfectly shaped breasts, alluring eyes, and playful smile will always be etched into my mind. My pulse began to quicken as I sat nervously in the waiting room trying to take in Natasya’s captivating presence, however her playful demeanor, witty charm, and care-free attitude made me feel right at ease. One the most beautiful things about Natasya is not only her looks but her personality. Her down-to-earth outlook on life is just truly inspiring to me. The exuberant and vibrant spirit she gives off makes her a pure joy to be around.

I had pretty clear-cut expectations of what I wanted to get out of our session together. I communicated that I wasn’t really into taking on the role of a slave and just wanted to explore certain activities of BDSM. She was completely willing to engage in my kinkiest, deepest, darkest desires exactly the way I wanted them carried out. I couldn’t ask for someone more accommodating. While discussing what you are interested in, Natasya clearly communicates her boundaries as well as discusses safe words if things start to get too intense or uncomfortable during your session.

My first session with Natasya was surreal. The atmosphere she creates, her enthusiasm, and her obvious pleasure in the play creates a moment in time that you wish never ended. I reached a level of mental and physical satisfaction I didn’t think was attainable. The intensity of our session left me in trance that had me going back to that magical night over and over again in the weeks after.

If you have the slightest inkling to explore any element of BDSM, whether you are just curious about certain activities that Natasya enjoys or are a seasoned BDSM enthusiast, run, don’t walk, to see her. She will make your wildest fantasies be realized in the most unimaginable way. I walked away after our first session unable to fully grasp what had just transpired, but as the days passed I came to realize what an incredible human being Natasya is.

I have seen Mistress Natasya on several occasions. She is a unique combination of beauty, brains, and sensuality. She thoroughly enjoys what she does and makes each session special. We talk about the sessions beforehand and agree what we’d like to do and change real time if either of us has the desire.

The way she is into each session and enjoys the time with you makes the session so much better. The way she talks, laughs, and clearly enjoys both a combination of sensuality and domination is amazing. Plus she is incredibly strong. She has gotten me into headscissors on a few occasions. There isn’t a chance I could take all of her pressure. She has me tapping out immediately. I can usually take a pretty good squeeze. Her legs are ridiculously strong. For someone so slender and gorgeous, her strength will catch you by surprise. And watch out for her sleeperhold. She has literally knocked me out three times. I never saw it coming. Usually you can feel it. It happened so quickly I had no chance.

Her pictures also don’t remotely do her justice. While she is clearly beautiful in her pictures, she is drop dead gorgeous in person. She is model stunning. She has beautiful eyes, a great smile, and an unbelievable body. I’m over 6 ft tall and when she’s in heels she is looking down on me.

If you see her, you will find her quite addictive. I would be stunned if you only saw her once. I was very sorry she moved from the West Coast as she is someone I enjoyed seeing again and again. She is also extremely open minded with activities and tailors the session to where you feel completely satisfied when you leave.

She is also one of the kindest and nicest people you’ll meet. It may be funny to say about a dominatrix, but it’s true. She has that incredible combination of kindness and dominance to create a great pleasure/pain experience. And as I mentioned earlier, she is extremely smart. That clearly comes across. Her intelligence only makes her that much more attractive. If you see Natasya, you are in for a great time, and one you won’t soon forget.


Mistress Natasya,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

In you I find a precious friend, soul sister with whom I can open my heart grandly and fully and rejoice in the ecstatic knowledge that with you I am safe to be me, wild and free. You are real and raw and yet oh so fine, like nectar made to wine, a fruit ripe on the vine. Your essence is like a mulberry syrup: dark, dense, brilliant, bold, and so blissfully nuanced, that I would rejoice to pour it over everything and eat right up.

So, not only are you awesome at being sexy to the core, but you’re an amazing friend and fellow mistress. Since my first days taking sessions, you provided me with countless invaluable contacts, tips, feedback, like an older sister taking me under your wing.

As I blossomed into my own, we began to take sessions together and giggled at the delightful situations in which we found ourselves— giving showers, receiving massages, smothering men with our juicy bodies. How did we get so lucky to be able to play like this? Thank you life!

I love your hedonism, your passion for pleasure, your delight in the squish of life. I love playing in this with you, exploring nuances of pleasure and pain that I never before dreamed of (hello, grapes!). Together we make quite the team as we relish just how yummy we can make this all…

Your physical beauty is captivating, your emotional intelligence enchanting, your spirit inspiring. Thank you for the muse that is your life!

Big love to you sweet sister


Mistress Wild Iris

For more information about double sessions with Mistress Wild Iris, see Doubles with Other Mistresses.

Dear Natasya,

Thank you for the wonderful encounters that I have enjoyed with you over the last year. It has been a delight to discover your curiosity in my fetish interests and your enthusiasm to explore those interests as I started to articulate them to you.

I have long had the desire to serve as a full recycling unit for a beautiful lady— when I saw the images of you on your web site and imagined being your recycling unit, my fetish desire grew stronger. Then—in conversation with you, as we discussed the session details and the nature of the encounter that you were comfortable with—my anticipation reached a point where I could not sleep as I imagined what it might feel like to be sitting beneath you as you released your gifts into my waiting mouth.

When the time came to actually meet you in person, my expectations were exceeded. You were far more beautiful in person than I had imagined, your little chuckles of mirth as you talked about the wonderful things you were going to do to me had me in raptures. I felt privileged to be able to massage your long, slender legs and feet, while you related the wonderful nutrients you had been consuming over the last two days. When the time came for you to expel all these healthy meals, I gratefully slid into position and waited for you to relax and start to dispense your gifts for me.

As your gifts were released, I was transported to another place. The sounds of you relaxing, the physical sensations of your gifts raining down onto me for me to recycle, the gentle encouragement you provided to both encourage me and command me, kept me in an ecstatic place that seemed to last for hours. When eventually I started to return to reality, you were very gracious in ensuring that I was comfortable and content.

I have very much enjoyed each of the encounters I have experienced with you, and I look forward to the next encounter with great anticipation.


Hello Mistress Natasya,

I want to sincerely thank you for an incredibly wonderful and fun session. You are an amazing role player, which is so refreshing! You are even lovelier in person than your photos led me to believe, and you are delightfully ticklish! It was a fantastic experience and your wit, graciousness and humor were an added bonus. Thank you and I will look forward to seeing you again!

Have a wonderful weekend and safe trip home,


I have been sessioning as a submissive with Mistress Natasya for nearly a year now, and she has continually proven to be a delightful and open-minded play partner. Mistress Natasya has a keen sense of her own style and the activities she enjoys, and is able to combine that with my own curiosities and perversions to create an experience that each time is simultaneously comforting in its familiarity and exhilarating in its novelty. With her I’ve been able to test my limits of impact play, breathplay, spit play, and even ageplay. Of course, it goes without saying that her achingly beautiful figure and intoxicating natural scent has made the times when I am permitted to worship her into deeply cherished moments. I’ve savored each and every opportunity I have had to serve Mistress Natasya, and look forward to many more.


I have been seeing Mistress Natasya since January of 2015, as often as I can. The first session was the best I’d ever had, and they are still only getting better as we keep getting to know one another. The Mistress has an amazing faculty for connection: from the first few minutes of the first consultation, I felt from her an openness, a curiosity, a tenacity—that she could see right into me, see the dreams I wanted to share and explore that I wasn’t even aware of yet. I have learned so much about myself in the past year and a half and am doing—and greatly enjoying—forms of play I would not have imagined doing a few years ago.

I attribute that to the Mistress’s wonderful communication. Highly professional yet personable, I have felt so heard as I am led by her each session to see the ideas I come with be both realized and taken in different directions that I had conceived—the true mark of a great session, in my opinion. The Mistress is a natural at roleplay (no doubt honed by her years of improvisational acting experience), and she has made me—someone who can frankly be quite shy even in everyday social situations, much less roleplay—feel very safe and comfortable expressing myself and being playful, even in scenes with a physical and emotional intensity that I would not have expected I could handle, never mind adore and feel safe in! Take it from me, if you ask her, Mistress Natasya will take you places you have not been!

Of course, I would be remiss not to discuss her beauty. From her powerful (and incredibly long!) legs to her piercing eyes, the Mistress is overwhelmingly gorgeous. When I saw, in my first session, as others have said, that she is even more beautiful than her photos, I felt intimidated. I have been obsessed with breasts since I was a boy, and the Mistress has the most incredible breasts I have seen—very large for her frame yet also firm and round. I could go on and on about her skill and body, but do not want to take up too much of my Mistress’s website because she told me to keep it short.


Hallo Natasya,

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday. I would like to thank you for the incredible first session that went well beyond my expectations. I really appreciate your effort and patience to make my fantasy come true.

I was mesmerized by your statuesque beauty and captivated by your beautiful eyes. The sensual way you danced before me and playfully teased me with your sexy panties was hypnotizing. Worshiping your body was delightful. I did enjoyed the way you pulled my hair and pressed my face against your flawless body as I worshiped you.

I’m glad our paths crossed and hope to see again when my busy schedule permits. I will notify you in advance.

Until then,


Dear Mistress Natasya,

Thank you for being so dominant and superior.

I don’t deserve to be in your presence except to amuse you by receiving severe punishment and humiliation.

Please allow me to grovel beneath your lovely feet, and beg to worship them.



Dear Mistress Natasya,

I just wanted to say Thank-You for the wonderful session this evening.

As you certainly noticed, I was quite intimidated. But this is due to your impressive beauty and strong presence. I really enjoyed every moment, thanks to your playfulness, your generosity and great care! I will be back soon and hope next time I feel a little more relaxed for a second visit.

You are simply wonderful!



Dear Sweet Mistress Natasya,

Exploring the horizons of pain and pleasure with you today was a wonderful experience. I was so glad you were both willing and enthusiastic about doing play piercing today. You are clearly a natural! I look forward to doing more with you soon. I have many great memories from out session, right up to the final taste of your delicious piss! Your beauty and your vivacious spirit inspired me to do my best to be your slut and your slave.

Yours in gratitude,


Dear Mistress Natasya,

Thank you for the wonderful session… and for allowing me to come. I definitely hope to see you before you leave for your next endeavor. I’m already reminded of being submissive nearly every time I pass by a lingerie section in a store, but now I’m wondering if I’ll sometimes associate the sight of cleavage with submission…



Dearest Frau Natasja:

Just a quick note, your elegant presence begins with self-confidence, a statuesque form, dazzling eyes, and a spirit of adventure. Your smile is intoxicating, your giggle, addicting, and your willingness to try kinky ideas alluring. That you enjoy power-play, dominating, humiliating, taking control and holding onto it, and exploring the many nuances as you discover just what power some of these toys give you without hardly exerting any effort at all captivates me. I could gaze into your eyes were you to allow it, but gazing at your feet, inhaling their subtle scent, learning what appetite you have for pleasure and amusement, these are all important things. I hope to indulge your appetite for amusement, pleasure, pain, and passion, again and again!

My work week was insanely crazy and busy and I still have a lot of work to accomplish this weekend, but the most important thing I did all week was meet you and spend 6 hours playing with you. I will try to learn the lessons you have generously provided me and look forward to learning the nuances that are required of your devotee, K.

Obsequiously always,